SOUP CULTURE transforms traditional slow-cook soup into
convenient NO-COOK NOURISHING SOUP with its traditional recipes made of
natural ingredients keeping the nutritious and delicious factors with are the essence of traditional.

At Soup Culture, our story all started from a team of true soup lovers who like to bring us back to our childhood memories of the taste of motherly soup. Like many of us, living in modern busy lifestyle, it is not easy to make traditional soup that needs hours of preparation and cooking time.

Here, we have the solution for it.

Our goal is very clear – To break free from traditional, simplify the herbal soup making process. We look in deep of exploring different type of old family recipes and cooking methods. The process wasn’t easy, we repeated the testing and tasting and use of different quality herbal ingredients and combination of nutrients. The amount of water volume, temperature, and time, type of cookware… etc. The time is the most difficult to preserve the nutrients that concentrated in the soup.

After very long period of brainstorm and trying, our dream came true with the birth of Soup Culture. The secret of no-cook soup. The soup that when you sip into your mouth, you will be touched by the taste of calm, peace and down to earth.

Now, our mission of Soup Culture is important. Reconnecting old to new, re-introducing healthy traditional culture of drinking soup to modern people of all ages and backgrounds. From the elderly to children, our soup series aims to bring joy of soup knowledge to everyone, letting the warm atmosphere and happy taste linger in your heart! When you are tired, restless, worries, not well or even on normal day, drink a cup of easy make non-cook soup to nourish your body and soul, for happiness, wellness and good health.